Apple Event — iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro

Apple Event — iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro

Nice touch: The new 2x button on the iPhone 14 Pro will take the middle 12mp of the sensor for essentially an “optical” zoom which should be much better than before.

Overall not a ton of design innovation, that’s for sure. No folding screens, no blazing fast charging, etc. But a lot of refinement stuff for the pro iPhone again, and a world class chip.

iPhone 14 Pro: $999

iPhone 14 Pro Max: $1099

New main camera on iPhone 14 Pro: 48mp. 65% larger sensor than 13 Pro. Second generation sensor shift OIS. 24mm focus length.The new A16 Bionic in iPhone 14 Pros is on a 4nm process. Quoting 40% better max performance than “the competition.”

iPhone 14: $799

iPhone 14 Plus: $899

iPhone 14 gets Emergency SOS via satellite? When pointed directly at a satellite with a clear view of the sky, you can send messages with no cellular connection. There’s UI to show you exactly where to point your phone so you hit a satellite Free for 2 years in US/Canada

iPhone 14 (6.1”) and iPhone 14 Plus (6.7”) Same design Same A15 bionic 5 colors (new blue) Upgraded camera system with larger sensor and wider aperture New 12mp selfie camera with autofocus (Feels like the iPhone 13 Pros minus a camera and dressed in aluminum)

iPhone gets always-on display. Finally. Takes advantage of LTPO and OLED. Shows live activities, lock screen and hopefully doesn’t suck power.

New Apple Watch SE also has a slightly updated design. Basically eliminates the Series 3 from the lineup. Faster S8 SiP New sensors $249 GPS, $299 Cellular

So Apple Watch Series 8 is a pretty minor update Same design New temperature sensor New “crash detection” thru motion sensors New low power mode (up to 36 hours on 1 charge