camera comparison between the Google Pixel 7 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max

What’s up, guys? camera comparison between the Google Pixel 7 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. As always, we’ll be covering all aspects of the cameras.

Frontfacing, rear facing, low light portraits, all of it. I’ll leave some timestamps down below, but you’re going to want to see the full video to get a good idea of what these devices are capable of.

Let’s get to it. So we’ll kick off with the primary cameras and I got to say, in good light, both of these have excellent primary cameras, lots of detail, excellent dynamic range. You can see from this example here, we’ve got a lot of light coming in from the background, but both have maintained the shadow details really well.

Now, after taking hundreds of images, I did notice that the Pixel generally tends to have slightly better dynamic range compared to the iPhone, especially if you look towards the shadow areas in this image, for example.

Now, when it comes to lowlight images, one of the things you’ll notice is that if there is any lights in a low light image, then they will bloom up quite a bit on both devices. But on the Pixel, like we had on previous years Pixel Six Pro, you do get a lot of these purple flares, which can be quite distracting.

Now, the Pixel tends to give you an overall brighter image. If you look towards the background with the trees, they are a little bit brighter on the Pixel compared to the iPhone. Now, again, in this example, it’s not even an artificial light, it is actually the moon.

You’ve got a lot of glare coming from both devices, but you do have these pinkish and purplish flares on the Pixel. Here’s another lowlight example again, all of those pink and purple flares that you can see on the Pixel, which are more so compared to the iPhone.

But generally both are doing a really good job. And I think for the primary camera, it is very, very close. What about the old wide camera? Well. Both of these have excellent ultra wide cameras as well and you get lots of detail.

But with the ultra-wide camera in particular, I did notice that the pixel did overall have better dynamic range. If you look at this image, you can see that the iPhone has clipped some of the cloud detail, whereas the pixel has maintained that without crushing the shadows in the foreground.

Another example, again, I think both are doing really well, but if you look at the highlight areas on the iPhone, those have been slightly clipped. Now, both ultra wide cameras do have autofocus and that means you will be able to get right up close to your subjects and get amazing macro shots.

And both of these do a great job, as you can see here. Now, as with the primary camera, when it comes to low light from the ultra-wide camera, you’ll notice that the pixel tends to give you a brighter overall image, whereas the iPhone tends to want to keep that nighttime look.

So I guess it really depends on what you prefer here’s. Another example. Here I would be leaning a little bit more towards the pixel because it is an overall sharper image. You can see more detail in the bricks, whereas the iPhone is a little bit soft, although there is a lot of processing going on here on the pixel in the foreground.

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So both of them do have optical zoom. We’ve got three times on the iPhone and then we’ve got five times periscope zoom on the pixel. So when we do go at two times, for instance, so that’s where it’s using some digital zoom, both actually do pretty good.

We can scale these up to around 200%. I do think that the iPhone is doing slightly better here. Now, when we zoom in three times, then the iPhone does get the advantage here, because it is now using optical zoom versus the digital zoom on the pixel.

So if we expand these images to 200%, you’ll notice that the iPhone does have a much cleaner and crisper image. However, when we use the five times optical zoom on the Pixel, then that does get the advantage, although the focal length when you’re doing five times on both is a little bit different.

Now, the iPhone is actually doing pretty good because it’s using the three times optical zoom and then adding to that. But if you look towards the text detail, then the Pixel is just slightly better.

Now, if we expand the zoom even further. So, ten times optical zoom, again, you’ll notice that difference in focal length, even though both say ten times. And here, because the Pixel has that periscope zoom technology, it is giving you an overall sharper image.